Water mining membrane systems designed to pump wastewater from a local sewer line, treat the wastewater for reuse, and return the waste activated sludge and screenings to the sewer line designed by Dynatec.

Water mining systems have proven be of great value to:

Water mining wastewater from the sewer can be treated to meet any quality targets needed by our customers. The treated water can be used for:

Technology Benefits

Membrane separation system uses long-lasting tubular ultrafiltration (UF) membranes

Contaminants Removed


The membrane system is easy to expand.  The out of basin configuration allows for simple addition of more membranes, or membrane skids.

Greater Dependability

The highly efficient membrane filters provide an absolute barrier between bacteria and the effluent. They eliminate filamentous bacteria problems, sludge bulking concerns, and concerns over highly variable organic loads. Membranes treat load fluctuations regardless of concentrations.  They consistently produce, dependable effluent.

Better Performance

The MBR system eliminates many of the unit processes associated with conventional treatment systems. The bioreactor tanks degrade constituents normally considered recalcitrant and they eliminate solids carry-over from occurring, allowing long sludge retention times.

Integrates Easily

The system produces water free of bacterial contamination and suitable for reuse. The membrane filters act as a biomass separation process, as well as, a filter to meet low phosphorous limits, with the supplemental addition of metal salts.

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