Automotive Industry Wastewater Treatment

Dynatec Systems, Inc. has designed and supplied wastewater treatment systems to many facilities in the […] Learn More

Food and Beverage Industry Wastewater

Food and beverage wastewater applications in a manufacturing process. When Dynatec is presented with these […] Learn More

Landfill Leachate Treatment

Landfill leachate treatment systems with Membrane Bioreactors (MBR)s have developed many unique process improvements for […] Learn More

Manufacturing Wastewater Treatment

Dynatec has designed, built and installed a thousand membrane systems that are used in a […] Learn More

Transportation Wastewater Purification and Reuse

Transportation wastewater purification and reuse systems provided by Dynatec Systems have proven to be the […] Learn More

Sanitary Wastewater

Sanitary wastewater from private communities, industrial and academic campuses, resorts, and various other facilities can […] Learn More

Pharmaceutical Industry Wastewater Treatment

Pharmaceutical wastewater treatment facilities are often difficult to treat due to the nature of the […] Learn More

Textile Wastewater Treatment Systems

Textile wastewater treatment systems have been provided by Dynatec Systems for numerous  facilities. The treatment […] Learn More

Oil and Gas Wastewater Treatment

Oil and gas wastewater treatment systems are a good fit for Dynatec’s membrane technology.  Tubular […] Learn More

Heavy Metals Removal

Heavy metals removal can be achieved by chemical precipitation simply using hydroxide or sulfide precipitation. […] Learn More

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Dynatec is an industry leader in providing membrane bioreactors and wastewater membrane
systems since 1978 in industrial and municipal applications.

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