Transportation wastewater purification and reuse systems provided by Dynatec Systems have proven to be the technology of choice for various transportation facilities. 


Transportation wastewater purification and reuse systems provided

Dynatec Systems has provided complete purification and reuse systems for:

Contaminants Removed

The membrane filter is a mechanical system that allows clean water to pass. Contaminants are retained and returned to the waste holding tank.  No chemicals are used other than those used to adjust pH and/or precipitate metals. The levels of waste material for disposal are much lower than conventional physical/chemical waste processes. The system simply separates and concentrates the contaminants in the wastewater, which are then disposed of.

 Unattended Operation

Continuous operator control is not needed since the process does not rely on coagulation and flocculation,. The system is completely mechanical and can be left unattended for long periods without operator intervention.

 Consistent High Quality Water

The membrane filter forms a positive barrier to the flow of contaminants producing continuous high-quality water without operator attention. The membrane system is not affected by variability on the waste stream. The purified water is suitable for reuse or sewer discharge.

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