MBR conversion/retrofit/upgrade solutions are offered by Dynatec Systems for a wide range of applications. At Dynatec, our goal for every retrofit application is to make changes that:Dairy Wastewater Treatment System

Conventional biological systems converted to MBR 

MBR conversion/retrofit/upgrades are perfect for Dynatec’s unique out-of-basin membrane systems.  We can reuse any existing tankage and rarely require new tanks to be built.

Membrane bioreactors offer a unique and effective solution for the treatment and reuse of industrial wastewater in industries such as landfills, automotive, aerostructures, distilleries and dairies. Our industry-leading designs and innovation also deliver superior performance for sanitary wastewater and biological nutrient removal applications.

The MBR configuration has proven to be optimal for treatment of many industrial wastewaters when treatment efficiency is an important consideration.

The MBR is the ideal bioreactor configuration for treatment of organic or inorganic contaminants present in industrial wastewaters. MBRs operate at a higher efficiency while achieving consistent design performance objectives. This makes MBR a more cost effective method of treatment when performance and tank requirements are considered.

Bioreactor systems such as the conventional activated sludge system, sequencing batch reactor system and trickling filters are typically designed for operation at a lower volumetric removal rate, requiring larger tanks and more space. These conventional systems often experience upsets that inhibit settling and therefore require much more operator attention than a membrane bioreactor.

The MBR has proven to be optimal for treatment of many industrial wastewaters because it is less susceptible to upsets. The MBR’s performance is not affected by changes in sludge settleability like the conventional systems, making MBR a wise choice for industrial systems that have more difficult to treat waste streams. Dynatec has over 42 years experience in dealing with difficult to treat industrial wastewaters using membrane filtration.

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