Industrial oily wastewater treatment systems from metal working plants installed by Dynatec are operating in North America.  Dynatec uses high-quality components designed to last.  Better equipment maximizes your investment and provides reliable stable operation.  

Industrial oily wastewater treatment systems solutionsOily wastewater treatment system

Ultrafiltration for removal of:

Dynatec incorporates over 42 years of experience with a unique process design for oily wastewater treatment

This results in:

Operator friendly design

Design features:

Contaminants Removed from oily wastewater

A coalescing oil/water separator removes free oil that is present. The waste passes through a pretreatment system to precipitate the metals. The waste is transferred to a process (feed) tank ahead of the membrane system, in this case, a tubular ultrafiltration system. No oil can pass the membrane, only materials in solution in the aqueous stream such as surfactants. The treated fluid is known as “permeate”. The permeate is suitable for discharge or reuse without further treatment.

The concentrate (reject) is discharged periodically from the process tank and disposed of to an oil recovery company.

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