PFAS RemovalPer- and polyfluoroalkyl substances, or PFAS, is a group of thousands of synthetic chemicals that were used for decades in the manufacturing of many consumer goods like waterproof clothing, non-stick pans, stain resistant fabrics, food packaging, and in industries like paper and cardboard manufacturing, metal plating, wire manufacturing, plastic manufacturing, and many other applications.

While providing desired characteristics to the many products in which they were used, PFAS chemicals have been tied to various negative health effects. Also of concern is the fact that they are very stable and break down very slowly in nature. PFAS chemicals are found in the environment and in the bloodstreams of people all over the world.

Dynatec has provided systems to remove PFAS from industrial wastewater to customers across the country and has dozens of systems in operation. While there are other technologies in various stages of development, there are two proven technologies for removing PFAS from industrial wastewater: carbon and reverse osmosis (RO). Dynatec has used both granular activated carbon (GAC) and RO for PFAS removal and we can help with the selection of treatment technology for a given application.PFAS Removal

Landfills are a major accumulation location for PFAS as most of the PFAS laden products ultimately end up there. As the leader in landfill leachate treatment, Dynatec Systems has vast experience in treating complex, high strength wastewater and removing PFAS from these wastewater streams. With discharge limits shrinking across the country to single digit parts per trillion (ppt) for some of the most common PFAS compounds like PFOS and PFOA, most of our customers have non-detect levels of nearly all of the tested PFAS chemicals, even where the raw wastewater or leachate has individual PFAS compound concentrations of 3,000 to 5,000ppt or more. We can design a system to meet any discharge requirement.

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