Membrane bioreactor package plantMembrane Bioreactor (MBR) package plant capable of Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD) and nutrient removal that meets rigorous regulatory standards are offered by Dynatec.  Supporting small decentralized wastewater treatment facilities.

MBR mobile wastewater treatment system

The Dynatec modular MBR wastewater treatment systems offer consistently high-quality effluent in a small, mobile package. With a single, compact, modular system that requires minimal operator attention, we offer our clients an effective solution.

The highly efficient membrane filters provide an absolute barrier between bacteria and the effluent. They eliminate filamentous bacteria problems, sludge bulking concerns, and concerns over highly variable organic loads. Membrane filters treat load fluctuations regardless of concentrations to produce consistent, dependable effluent.

Membrane bioreactor package plant:

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