Design-Build-Own-Operate-Maintain complete wastewater treatment system solutions offers the assurance of a well-run operation with little risk and no capital required. 

Complete Wastewater Solutions

Since 1978, Dynatec has supplied complete wastewater treatment systems for industrial applications and in that time, we have successfully installed over a thousand systems. Since 1993, we have provided DBOOM solutions that are completely designed, built, owned, operated and maintained by Dynatec.

Design-Build-Owned-Operate and Maintain (DBOOM) benefits

Little Risk

Get the assurance you need for a well-run and well-operated system. Offering minimal risk with great convenience to the customer. Dynatec owns, operates and maintains the equipment, supplying complete wastewater treatment systems on a contract basis. Each contract is tailored to the owner’s unique requirements.


Our contract service agreements offer a reliable means of both reducing and fixing costs.  This allows our clients to accurately predict operating costs and provide the option for purchase of the system at the end of the contract term.
Compensation, in the form of monthly payments, is based on the amount of water treated, purified and discharged to sewer or reused. The per-gallon charge fixes the total cost for processing the waste stream.

Minimal Liability

With minimal operator attention required, a locally-employed Dynatec technician will attend to the system on a daily basis to check for proper functioning, the need for service or maintenance and water quality.

Your Dynatec technician covers all attention, care and maintenance required by the system to ensure compliance with sewer discharge standards. Contaminants removed are disposed of through an approved and licensed disposal firm.

A DBOOM contract project begins the same way all of our projects start. First, we obtain thorough information that helps us characterize your waste stream and the treatment requirements. Once treatability work is performed, we develop a system design and proposal. At that time, the terms of the contract can be negotiated. Dynatec can confirm the project requirements, and implement on-site pilot testing, when necessary.

Design-Build-Own-Operate and Maintain (DBOOM)

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Dynatec is an industry leader in providing membrane bioreactors and wastewater membrane
systems since 1978 in industrial and municipal applications.

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