Mining wastewater treatment with membrane solutions offers a unique solution for metals removal producing high-purity water and metals separation without the need of chemicals.

Mining Wastewater Treatment Solutions

Contaminants Removed

Mining operations can produce large amounts of wastewater that require
treatment. The wastewater stream can be contaminated with metals and other
contaminants that need to be separated from the water before it can be
Dynatec has provided systems to mining operations that treat as much as 5
million gallons of wastewater per day. Chemical precipitation of the metals is
sometimes required prior to the Ultrafilter that is used as a perfect clarifier.
Ultrafiltration is an excellent solution for this application. It is a simple
mechanical process that uses a membrane to separate all suspended solids,
metals, colloids, and other non-soluble contaminants from the wastewater.
The purified permeate can be reused at the mine in at some applications
Depending on the reuse application, further treatment with reverse osmosis is
sometimes provided by Dynatec.

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