Our Mission is to create value by providing high quality wastewater and purification treatment systems and excellent service at below average cost.

The pursuit of this mission has enabled us to earn and retain the trust, confidence and business of our customers.  Value is the primary force that fuels our growth.

While the size and scope of our projects have grown over the years, we have maintained our small company qualities that allow us to give personal attention to every project.  The principals of the corporation are intimately integrated in all project work.

We will continue to pursue work for small and large companies alike and provide solutions to industrial and domestic wastewater problems.  Our goal remains providing quality through products and services that produce reasonable growth.

Dynatec History

Dynatec has been employing membrane filtration for wastewater since 1978. We completed our first project for Eaton Corporation in February 1979. Since that time, we have provided over a thousand membrane filtration systems for wastewater treatment and water purification and reuse.

For the first 20 years our systems work was almost entirely industrial wastewater treatment using membranes. In 1999, we completed our first industrial Membrane Bioreactor (MBR) project which also served as an entrée into sanitary wastewater projects. Since that time, we have been providing MBR systems for industrial and residential wastewater applications.

A few of the companies that you will recognize that identify Dynatec as an excellent resource for membrane related projects are American Axle and Manufacturing, BASF, Bosch, Bristol Myers Squibb, Caterpillar, Consolidated Edison, Daimler Chrysler, Dial, EI DuPont, Ford, Fuji, Georgia Pacific, General Motors, Goodrich, Honda, John Deere, Kellogg, Kimberly Clark, MAB Paints, Matlack, Milliken Textiles, Mobil, New Jersey Transit, Nissan, Ohio Central Railroad, Pittsburgh International Airport, PSE&G, Republic Services, Trane, US Steel, Unilever Vermont American and Waste Management. The applications are broadly different and require broadly different application expertise to insure success. This same broad knowledge is used in every project for which Dynatec is contracted.

Most of our sanitary MBR work has been for developers, nursing homes, retreats, schools, golf courses, high rise apartments, commercial buildings and others. Dynatec routinely designs systems for reuse and high quality effluent including nitrogen and phosphorus removal.

Experience Counts

Dynatec is recognized as one of the most capable companies in North America for applying membrane filtration for any wastewater treatment or recovery application and has successfully completed projects in over 100 different applications using membranes.

Dynatec uses membranes from 11 different membrane manufacturers in order to match the best performing product to the application. This has given us experience with membrane filtration that makes our knowledge base second to none.

The experience we have from the hundreds of industrial projects, which are more demanding and complicated than sanitary projects, helps us to be able to give our clients the benefit of that experience to optimize system performance and deliver reliable treatment systems.

Our Commitment to Innovation

Dynatec is committed to bringing new and innovative membrane processes to the market.  Through our many years of membrane experience, we incorporate lessons learned into our projects to create systems that perform beyond expectations.

Dynatec has won several awards for its innovative projects. One of the projects for General Mills in Georgia received several awards for the system that treats process water for reuse where the system was designed to meet National Drinking Water Standards. Several years ago Governor Sonny Perdue was at the plant drinking the purified water as part of the State’s program to encourage industrial wastewater purification and reuse.

More than half of our work today involves the treatment of wastewater and recovery for reuse using membrane filtration.


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Dynatec is an industry leader in providing membrane bioreactors and wastewater membrane
systems since 1978 in industrial and municipal applications.

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