Chemicals for membrane cleaning are specially developed by Dynatec.  Dynatec offers a variety of chemicals for membrane cleaning. These chemicals are sold in a variety of container sizes.

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MemCleen can be used for microfiltration and ultrafiltration systems. This is a very cost-effective product. […] Learn More

MemCleen A

MemCleen A is an acid-based cleaner already buffered for use without pH adjustment. The cleaner […] Learn More

MemCleen D

MemCleen D is an alkaline membrane cleaning chemical used for the removal of the following […] Learn More

MemCleen S

MemCleen S is a very effective product for removal of Silicone and polymer fouling MemCleen […] Learn More


Memdefoam is used as a defoaming agent in membrane systems. Many conventional defoaming agents are […] Learn More

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