Prior to employing the Dynatec MBR leachate treatment system, the landfill was hauling all of their leachate. In 2010, the facility spent over $4,500,000 hauling 10,350 truckloads of raw leachate.

The landfill leachate was pumped from four different pump stations each with a different landfill contributory area. Analysis of the historical data showed the size of the contributory area and age of the landfill area played significant roles in flow and leachate quality. A few historical trends were identified and used to predict flows in a future landfill development scenario.MBR Leachate Treatment System

The MBR leachate treatment system was designed for the peak nitrification requirements of the influent. A large SRT (solids retention time) was selected to target the slowly biodegradable COD found in leachate due to long chain organic molecules that are more difficult to remove.

The system was designed with flexibility in mind. The MLSS can be increased to 20,000 mg/L in the system without affecting the oxygen transfer efficiency thanks to the jet aeration system selected, which enables the long SRT.

Dynatec’s industrial MBR is the ideal bioreactor configuration for treatment of organic or inorganic contaminants present in industrial wastewaters. MBR’s operate at a higher efficiency while achieving consistent design performance objectives. This makes MBR a more cost effective method of industrial wastewater treatment when performance and tank requirements are considered.

Industrial Membrane Bioreactors Benefits:

  • Higher flux
  • Lower costs
  • Better membranes
  • Improved permeate quality
  • Less operator attention and maintenance

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