Dynatec provided the membrane system for a demonstration plant situated directly adjacent to the Anaheim, CA City Hall.  The system is designed to pump wastewater from a local sewer line, treat the wastewater for reuse, and return the waste activated sludge and screenings to the sewer line.Anaheim Case Study Photo 1

The DynaLift™ out-of-basin membrane system was selected because:

  • The high flux rates achieved by the DynaLift™ system allowed for a small footprint
  • High MLSS concentrations allows for smaller reactor tanks
  • The positive filtration achieved with MBR provides consistent high-quality dischargeSanitary Wastewater
  • The out-of-basin design allows for better demonstration of the technology
  • The membrane construction allows for high removal of bacteria and virus – demonstrated 5-log removal of bacteria and 4-log removal of virus.

The plant design is for two trains with the first train presently installed. The design flow of this plant is 75,000 gallons per day, and due to internal water uses, such as screen flushing, the net output of the final plant when fully installed will be 104,350 gallons per day. The recycled water is used for irrigation and toilet flushing within the requirements of California’s Title 22 Regulations.

Plant automation design allows for periodic operator attention only when equipment maintenance or chemical refilling is required.

Following treatment in the MBR, the effluent is further treated using ozone followed by UV for ozone destruction and chlorine addition at 1 mg/L to ensure no re-growth in the final effluent.

Due to the proximity of City Hall and the fact that the plant is in a highly populated area, a state-of-the-art odor control system was installed. With the standard Dynatec design odor control is not typically required.Decentralized Wastewater Treatment Facility

This is the first facility in California to use external MBR membranes, ozone and chlorination for water recycling. The use of decentralized wastewater treatment facilities is increasing and the City of Anaheim is in the forefront of this.


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