A Clear Look at Reuse Systems

Dynatec’s Tom Doherty had a great article published in the November 2021 issue of Water Environment & Technology (WE&T) Operations & Engineering magazine. 


Dynatec has completed over a hundred wastewater purification and reuse systems for industry and for sanitary waste. To begin, there needs to be a detailed characterization of the wastewater along with a detailed characterization of the requirements for reuse. The characterization of the wastewater and requirements for reuse will determine the treatment/purification requirements and thereby define the CAPEX and OPEX. This estimate of costs should be completed early in the process to determine if the reuse project has merit and is cost-effective.

All of Dynatec’s treatment and reuse systems employ membrane filtration because the properly selected membranes provide the best method of insuring the qualitative result desired and in almost every case they provide the most cost effective method of achieving the desired result.

Membrane selection is based upon wastewater characteristics and the desired recovered water quality requirements in the process in which the membranes are utilized.

With the above information, treatability work is typically conducted to define the treatment system requirements and design parameters.

Typical wastewater treatment/purification systems for reuse are as follows.

  • Purification of process baths/tanks for reuse typically using ultrafiltration
    • Cleaning tanks with contaminants removed employing Ultrafiltration
    • Scrubbers with contaminants removed employing Ultrafiltration
    • Vibratory metal finishing with contaminants removed employing Ultrafiltration
    • Any other employing UF and RO filtration to produce higher quality water for reuse
  • Recovery of specific components found in the wastewater
    • Precious metal recovery employing Ultrafiltration, Nanofiltration and/or Reverse Osmosis
    • Latex paint recovery employing Ultrafiltration
    • Textile size separation and recovery
    • Others where removal of water allows concentration of the product to be recovered
  • MBR biological treatment for reuse in cooling towers, scrubbers and like type water users that do not require potable water or high-purity water
    • Food processing facilities where MBR permeate is used in cooling towers and scrubbers
    • Metal working facilities where MBR permeate is used in cooling towers and scrubbers
    • General manufacturing
  • MBR biological treatment followed by Nanofiltration or Reverse Osmosis
    • All types of manufacturing and food processing facilities where there is a requirement for higher purity water for reuse.

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