Turnkey solutions provided by Dynatec include equalization tank, oil water separator, ultrafiltration (UF) process tank, UF system, and permeate and concentrate tanks. The customer, an industrial research facility, had a wastewater treatment facility that also treats the waste from several other manufacturers that occupy buildings nearby, recently purchased an UF system from Dynatec.  The UF system replaced a DAF system that was not effectively handling the contaminant load from these facilities, including oily waste, heavy metals, and suspended solids due to the frequent changes in the wastewater characteristics. The customer also chose to have Dynatec install the system. The UF system has allowed them to meet their discharge requirements with less operator attention and effort.Turnkey Solutions

Dynatec’s team of mechanical, chemical and electrical engineers have decades of experience to provide everything you need, from start to finish. This includes evaluation, system design, installation, system startup and training. Our focus has always been to produce the most cost-effective long-term answer for our customer. All turnkey systems are custom designed and installed for your specific needs.

Two different sets of disciplines are employed for this stage of the process. First, years of process experience produce effective process design. Our ownership and operation of treatment systems produces invaluable field experience that is translated into operator-friendly equipment. Next, the process design is translated into a complete integrated treatment systems by our experienced engineering staff.Design Turnkey build solutions

  • Single source of responsibility
  • Problem evaluation
  • Process and system design
  • Equipment
  • Installation service
  • System startup
  • System startup consists of a three-step process:
    • The equipment is commissioned by proving each of the field instruments
    • The equipment is wet-tested
    • Equipment is operated on process fluid to prove operation under normal conditions
  • Training by Dynatec engineers

Dynatec obtains membranes from a wide variety of suppliers, always aware of the need to produce lowest lifetime cost. Our suppliers produce membranes in a variety of materials, as well as a number of configurations for most effective solutions. In addition, Dynatec procures other equipment required to complete the project.

Dynatec manufactures modular equipment so that installation costs are kept to a minimum.  Supervised by experienced competent engineers. Our usual method of operation is to hire local contractors approved by our customer.

Proven Installed Turnkey Solutions

At Dynatec, we are not just experts in providing reliable equipment for industrial applications, we also provide the proven solutions that our global clients need.

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