SBR to MBR ConversionRefinery Wastewater

Dynatec provided tubular ultrafiltration systems as part of an SBR to MBR conversion. The upgraded treatment system allowed the facility to meet all discharge requirements and increased the capacity of the plant. The SBR could treat 4,000 barrels per day and the upgraded plant utilizing an out-of-basin MBR treats up to 10,000 barrels of wastewater per day.

An oil refinery needed to upgrade their treatment system in order to meet direct discharge limits. The existing SBR could not handle the volume of wastewater and was not consistently meeting the discharge quality limits.

The MBR reduces the COD to below 50ppm and phenols are reduced from over 750ppm to non-detect.

The solution for this plant was an oil water separator followed by out-of-basin membrane bioreactor (MBR).  The permeate from the MBR met all requirements for discharging to sea water. The COD of the permeate was less than 300ppm and the phenols were consistently less than 1ppm.

Dynatec provided containerized systems for easy and fast installation at site.

Significant Savings

  • Simple process
  • Fewer chemicals needed
  • Low maintenance

Technology Benefits

  • Consistent high-quality water
  • Low operating costs
  • Minimal operator intervention required
  • Reduced sludge disposal costs

Contaminants Removed

  • Oil and grease
  • Heavy metals
  • COD
  • BOD
  • Suspended solids
  • Phenols

Flexible Retrofits

The out of basin membranes allow for easy retrofit to any bioreactor configuration (circular, rectangular, above or below ground), since the membranes are installed outside the reactor.  Frequently, the existing infrastructure and building space can be reused with little or no changes.


The membrane system is easy to expand, since the out of basin configuration allows for simple addition of more membranes, or membrane skids.

Better Performance

The MBR System eliminates many of the unit processes associated with conventional treatment systems. The bioreactor tanks degrade constituents normally considered recalcitrant and they eliminate solids carry-over from occurring, allowing long sludge retention times.

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