MBR RO for reuse, A domestic manufacturer of personal protective equipment is undergoing a major plant expansion. The company now needs to treat their wastewater for reuse as they discharge to a small POTW that could not handle the new volumes or contaminant loading. The new wastewater treatment plant is being built in stages. The first system is a relatively small MBR to handle the first phase of their expanded production. The second system is designed to handle their full-scale production, which will only be several months after the first phase is completed. This system includes an EQ tank, MBR with pre and post anoxic tanks and tubular UF, and RO. The system is designed so that all the RO permeate can be reused while the RO reject can be discharged to the local POTW. One of the goals of the MBR is to reduce nitrates from a high initial concentration to very low levels so that the RO reject will meet that total nitrogen limits for discharge to the POTW. The plant is designed so that future expansion is easily achieved. MBR RO for Reuse


Contaminants Removed



Small Footprint



Reduced water costs

FOG Sustainability

High quality reuse water

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