MBR Conversion at a Pharmaceutical CompanyA pharmaceutical firm suffered from frequent upsets to their existing treatment process. The existing conventional aerobic biological system followed by a gravity clarifier, led to discharge noncompliance.

Dynatec completed bench top treatability studies and pilot studies to confirm the best method to improve performance.  Adding ultrafilters as part of the conversion to a Membrane Bioreactor (MBR) was the best course of action.

MBR Conversion – Pharmaceutical Company

The wastewater stream was high in organic content (BOD, COD), and suspended solids (TSS). The MBR conversion, using a Dynatec ultrafiltration system allowed the customer to run the biological system at high mixed liquor concentrations without concern for settling characteristics. The higher mixed liquor concentration and longer sludge age proved to be successful in consistently reducing BOD and COD into compliance.

The system was designed to treat nearly 300,000 gallons per day. The COD was consistently reduced to 300 – 500 mg/l from 14,000 mg/l while BOD was reduced to non-detect.

The upgraded system handled variable loads in terms of organic load and flow rates. It consistently delivered high-quality effluent with less operator attention than their previous system. Additionally, the customer no longer faced fines for exceeding discharge limits for organics and solids.

Dynatec completed the process design, provided the equipment, and performed the installation. Existing tanks and aeration were utilized, keeping the conversion cost to less than any alternative.

Dynatec Systems industry-leading tubular ultrafiltration (UF) system can be used to treat a broad range of industrial wastewater by separating insoluble components from waste streams. As a cost effective and simple solution for separating insoluble components and colloidal contaminants from a waste stream. Wastewater ultrafiltration offers significant advantages over conventional separation. It is a useful process that does not require chemicals or much space to separate insoluble contaminants.

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