Dynatec provides completely packaged membrane bioreactor (MBR) systems installed in a shipping container:

  • Easy low-cost installation
  • No building required
  • Easily moved to other locationsContainerized MBR
  • Quick and easy mobilization

Dynatec has extensive experience in the supply of MBR systems, for sanitary and industrial applications.

Treatment of up to 35,000 gpd of sanitary waste in one container:

 Needs minimal operator attention

  • Uses long‐lasting out‐of‐basin tubular membrane
  • Produces high quality purified water

Dynatec’s containerized 

MBR system uses Dynatec’s HiRate™ concept using tubular out-of-basin membranes. This concept provides many advantages:

  • The system has the ability to operate at much higher levels of mixed liquor suspended solids (MLSS) than conventional systems and immersed MBRs.
  • High levels of MLSS allow for higher levels of treatment, improved discharge quality, lower Waste Activated Sludge (WAS) volumes as well as increased flows from the same size reactor vessels.
  • The HiRate™ concept is simple, requiring minimal operator attention.
  • An available option allows for remote monitoring and/or control for even less operator attention.
  • The system can be provided with aerobic digestion alone, or with nitrification/denitrification for total nitrogen removal.
  • The system is provided complete with system feed pumps and screening installed.
  • The membranes used provide up to 5-log levels of bacteria removal, reducing fecal discharge to non-detect levels.
  • The effluent from the system is suitable for many non-potable uses, including irrigation and toilet flushing. The effluent is suitable for further treatment, such as reverse osmosis without the requirement of any pretreatment, since no suspended solids are present, and residual organics are present only at low concentrations.

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Dynatec is an industry leader in providing membrane bioreactors and wastewater membrane
systems since 1978 in industrial and municipal applications.

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