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Dynatec Provides Membrane Bioreactor System for Red Pump Elementary School
Dynatec’s HiRate™ Membrane Bioreactor system was the perfect technology to meet the unique needs of a wastewater treatment system for an Elementary School.
General Motors Cactus Plant
The Dynatec Ultrafilter that processes all of the plant oily wastewater continues to over-perform.
Dynatec to install HiRate™ MBR process with RO purification WWTP for a Meat Processing facility.
Dynatec was recently awarded contract to provide a membrane bioreactor followed by reverse osmosis filtration for a new Ham processing facility.
Municipal Landfill Leachate
Dynatec has been awarded another Design Build contract for treatment of leachate.
Dynatec Receives Contract to Provide Membrane Bioreactor for Triadelphia School
The membrane bioreactor system is designed to remove high levels of influent nitrogen to very low levels in addition to BOD and TSS.
Concentrated Phosphate Producer
Dynatec's 5 million gallons per day ultrafiltration plant continues to perform well.
Dynatec awarded contract to install WWTP for new development
A new apartment community in Concord, Mass. is being built with a 70,000 gpd membrane bioreactor.
Dynatec Receives PO for Anaheim Recycling Project
Dynatec received a purchase order to supply a DynaLift MBR system to provide reuse water for the city of Anaheim, CA.
Dynatec Begins Operations at new MBR Facility
Dynatec has succesfully started up a new 100,000 gpd MBR treating wastewater from Sandy Cove Ministries, a Christian retreat in Northeastern Maryland.