Mem CB

This is an anti-complexing agent used to encapsulate metal complexes and is particularly effective in the presence of EDTA.


This product, ahead of a UF or MF system, allows metals to be separated by the membrane. It is used at concentrations in the range of 200-500 mg/L.

Process Applications

Mem CB is used as a process chemical, which is continuously fed to the wastewater. When the wastewater contains metals that are complexed, or bound with a chelating agent such as EDTA, the metals are in a soluble form and pass through the membrane. Mem CB is used as an encapsulating agent that allows ultrafiltration membranes to separate the metals that would otherwise pass through the membrane.

Typical applications include processes that contain metals such as copper and zinc along with a chelating agent. Dynatec has used Mem CB successfully in applications such as vibratory finishing, parts washers, and oily waste.


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